English Out There - Upper-intermediate OO5 ebook SKU: EOT36

One-to-one English Out There OO5 upper-intermediate course (CEF C1) for teachers. For use in the real world for face-to-face real practice or with social media like the new voice enabled Facebook or free online telephony such as Skype. 20 easy to teach lessons (approx. 60 hours) then your students can get all of the structured practice they like, for free! English Out There One to One courses are a set of modern English courses incorporating social interaction with fluent and native English speakers. The courses are designed to give students opportunities for real practice of pre-taught target language— online (in non-English speaking countries) and in the real world (in English-speaking countries) with fluent or native English speakers. The easy-to-teach One to One lesson plans and worksheets guide learners through a process of noticing, teaching, drilling, manipulating, forming questions, and getting comfortable and confident enough to speak to someone using the target language naturally in a personalised and very memorable way. The materials inspire students, boost their confidence, and maintain their motivation levels.


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